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Our Clients are Saying...

Dear Sue,
I cannot tell you how much of a help you have been to me over these six months prior to taking Medicare. This is all so much to know and all so much to keep track of, I could have never gone through this by myself. I cannot thank you enough all for all you did, really. And you always say it's nothing...... but its everything. See you soon.

— Maureen A., Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi Ms Sue! I tell everyone I am so blessed to know you. I am so glad I came to your Medicare Community Meeting from the postcard. As you know when I showed up I was going to be 65. I was so worried because of my prior heart condition and I had no idea if I could afford my medicines or a medicare plan at all. Then we applied for the Medicare Part B and Extra Help for prescriptions, and my prayers were answered. I really needed that help and I got it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ms. Sue.

— D. Cole, Springdale, Ohio

Hi all,
"We just wanted to tell you we are so glad we found you all. Quite frankly, before our meeting we just did not understand any of this stuff! You made us realize the money it was costing us. We cannot thank you wonderful ladies enough for fixing everything. You are awesome. The plans we picked have been working so great. Great advice! It has been so much cheaper for us, but better benefits. Looking forward to seeing you soon at Aromas soon and sending smiles your way.
— P. and S Phillips, Bridgetown.

Hi honey!!!!!!!! Jenny here!!!!!! Thank you so girls so much for taking care of me and my brother and my two neighbors. They were so glad you gave them advice regarding the UnitedHealthcare plan that would take their doctor. They were so relieved.Ill look forward to October when we go over my benefits again, but right now my plan and doctor is great. See you soon, Sweetie's
— Jenny F., Hamilton, Ohio

I just wanted you all to know, your staff has been an incredible resource to myself and my mother when I have had questions at church. And, as you know, she has her Medicare Supplement through the state, not with you! Thank you again.
— Vicki, Cincinnati, Ohio

hank you for the very informative meeting. I will be calling you next year, a few months before I turn 65. I am relieved to know I am now very less confused and surprised to know that Medicare will be better than I thought. See you next year.
— S.L, Blue Ash, Ohio

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